Saturday, October 8, 2011

Motherhood – The Sequel

Being a grandmother is the best!  She screams and runs through the house and its music to my ears.  She spills juice on my new rug and it adorable.  Why is it that all the things that kept me in a perpetual frenzy when raising my own children I now find funny, adorable and even exciting when my granddaughter, Lyric spends the weekend with me?

Lyric is 2 years-old and a continual ball of energy.  She is constantly running from one end of the house to the other.  She yanks on the patio blinds, plays with the buttons on the water cooler draining my bottled water all over the kitchen floor and it’s entertaining to me.  In her little eyes everything is new and exciting to be explored; and that she does, often with reckless abandon! 

One thing about my little Lyric is obvious; she was given the right name because she sings and dances and plays her little keyboard all day long. 

Getting Lyric to take a nap is near impossible and when she does doze off, her naps only last twenty to thirty minutes.  This is barely enough time for me to restore the living room that she’s completely disassembled, back to order.  Yet, having her spend weekends with me gives me such joy. 

There is something so special about being a grandparent.  You have the benefits of loving up these wonderful little beings without the 24 hour a day, 365 days a year RESPONSIBILITY.  There are no parental stresses or expectations, just a lot of hugs and kisses, cookies and ice cream and unconditional love. 

While I am truly enjoying this sequel to motherhood, three days is about as much as I can endure before I’m completely worn out and the cuteness of all her antics begin to wear out.  At that time, I pack my little angel and her toys up in the car and take her home!

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