Monday, August 8, 2011


He rested his hand on my shoulder. He slid it down my back then back up the curve to my shoulder. Slowly repeating this movement he chatted about some inane thought. I don’t remember…what was he talking about? I became mesmerized, caught up in the sensation. Gentle.

I relaxed into the feeling. This was new ground for me—not new, but a re-acquaintance with an old familiar friend. Peace. Just how long had it been? I don’t quite remember… I just know it’s been far too long; so long that my mind is doing back-flips trying to decipher why the touch of this person, gentle, rhythmic has emoted such a feeling inside of me. Nothing sensual, or sexual; It was comforting like grandma’s hugs, or sipping cool lemonade on a hot day, or having a baby clutch its tiny fingers around mine.

What I do know is that is has been far too long since I have been given this type of comforting support for no apparent reason and with no expectations in return. My soul needed this.

So, without further contemplation I accepted his offering and felt gratitude for the awakening inside myself. And I vow to pay it forward.