Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doing Something Different

I love cookbooks.  I collect them from a few of my favorite chefs as well as a few cooking magazines.  When Martha Stewart launched her Everyday Food magazine, I was determined to update my routine menu with new and exciting cuisine.  It never happened.  While I would pull out my cookbooks during the holidays for new inspiration, I neglected to totally transform my ‘everyday meals’ as I’d plan when I began investing in this magazine.

This morning I felt inspired. I had this insatiable desire to do, see, or eat something different.  So, I set out with the task at hand to put my collection of forty-plus Everyday Food magazines to use.  The first magazine I’d picked up had a sticky note posted on one of the pages.  Flipping to the marked page, I found what I was looking for, “Sweet Potato Biscuits”. 
Baking has never been my forte as it requires too much precision; precise measurements are essential in baking for accurate results.  I’m more of a ‘free-style’ cook.  I flow with the rhythm of what feels right and arouses my taste buds.  However, this recipe didn’t require a lot of ingredients –all of which I had on hand and there weren’t a lot of steps to take to get to the finished product.
As I completed the preparation and slipped the pan of biscuits in the oven with a sense of accomplishment, I turned to notice that my kitchen was in complete shambles.  Flower was everywhere and the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes.  I set the timer for 24 minutes and commenced to cleaning up.  By the time I’d finished cleaning and had made a pot of coffee the aroma of butter and sweet potato wafted throughout the house and my biscuits were done!

Ok, so they aren’t the prettiest biscuits I’ve ever seen, but they were truly delish!

In the photo in the magazine you can see how these biscuits should look—light and fluffy as they should rise.  Mine did not rise as much (I may have added too much of the sweet potato puree), but they were still quite tasty.
So, I’ll practice this recipe until I’ve mastered it and hopefully I’ll be serving sweet potato biscuits on Christmas day.

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