Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Life for Dar

Quiet…  For me this is such a beautiful word. For the first time in my adult life I am living alone and I-LOVE-IT! 
Throughout high school I had a plan to graduate, join the Air Force, travel the world, and maybe, someday…get married.  However, by the time I graduated I was already a single mother and soon after there’d be other titles that would come into play: wife, once again a new mother--this time with twins, divorce’, single parent and all while trying to excel at work, have a social life and still hold on to some of my dreams and desires. 
Needless to say, my initial goals fell through the cracks and were buried under mounds of laundry, PTA meetings, little league sports, and the cruelty of petulant kids, an un-involved ex-husband and rebellious teenagers! (Long exasperating sigh)
But I digress… (Slightly)
Deep, deep down inside I was and am still that girl with a strong longing for independence and adventure.  Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not an oncoming train!  My boys have all left the nest to live out their own dreams and goals.
Now, I am living in my own space and while it has been a long desired dream of mine, it is also—much to my surprise—taking some getting used to.  On most days I can sit in my living room, now devoid of sweaty athletic shoes, musical instruments, and sports magazines—and sit in silence while sipping a cup of Zen tea and thumbing through a magazine! 
But there are times when I do miss my boys and I get a bit lonesome for the sound of their laughter, or the energy buzzing through the house when they would have friends over to play video games.  I miss our family vacations taken each year on the twins’ birthday.  Or the impromptu family road trip where we would stumble upon some random destination and immerse ourselves in the local food and culture. 
And while I do admit that it has taken a minute for me to get my footing, I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to rediscovering myself and setting new goals while I am on this exciting new journey!
Namaste’ (The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you)

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